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Okay so it turns out BuyVM's maintainence on my storage slab fucked up and unmounted the root partition as the damn server was running. Also the UUIDs are different. What the hell

Just a heads up that downtime is starting. If you need to contact me you can contact me here.

@10grans tip 0.01124 to @welt

@graf @milk I know

Also @awry have an honorary favorite (since won't let me see your post)

@milk @graf (also I can't see most peoples posts here since is a bit weird, I have read them though). The reason I asked is I generally want to hear both sides before coming to a conclusion about something as due diligence. I'd rather explore the least nuclear option if an instance owner is willing to co-operate. Props to graf for being chill about it, the same can't be said about other instance owners.

@milk @graf It's going semipublic semisoon.

@graf lol (the thread isn't coming up here for me for some reason)

Rob Pike can't keep getting away with stealing glasses from children.

This kid with a splatoon profile picture said this after I killed him with the quad launcher like three times after I stole it from him in Open Fortress lol

@ImpoliteFemale @georgia @newt mp4 version if it doesn't play

Men want only one thing and it's fucking disgusting

Hey everyone. If you're following me you should be following my new self-hosted account: @welt

I'll post this message now and then just to make sure all my followers see this.

wip (angus' room)

I'm not posting this concept art because I don't want the lesbposters to see it and start screaming over a short tomboy couple and having more of them in my feed

I've had the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack stuck in my head for a while, and I thought of an idea.

Rocky Horror but about operating systems. Dr Frankenfurter would be replaced with Void Linux, who's building OpenBSD and be a femboy. Brad and Janet would be Windows and MacOS (or just normies). It's been ages since I've watched the movie (my mom showed it to me when I was like 12, great parenting amirite) so I'll probably need to watch it again.

It would be fucking hillarious if Sweet Transvestite became about Void being a femboy.

"I'm just a sweet little femboy
from the land of the freeeeee!"