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🇷🇴 Adolescent cu hobby-uri diverse
🇬🇧 Adolescent with diverse hobbies

(RO) Un test cu hârtie colorată. Culoare: mov
(EN) A test with coloured paper. Colour: purple

I'm prepared now for the -Filter tonight at 22:00 CET on

I run my only in my on , with tools.

shell steup for a radio show: tmux, cmus, alsamixer, cava

Hey, we've made a community on Lemmy, the open source federated alternative to Reddit:


This is the concept for the main character of my upcoming RPG project.

Some #ENA fanart for the latest episode (as of now), Temptation Stairway.

ENA is a lovely animation series made by JoelG, if you haven't yet, go check it out!

I plan on uploading more art in the future alongside tech-related subjects.

ReCaptcha has taught me many things.
Like the fact that mailboxes are apparently secretly parking meters and that bicycles and scooters are actually motorcycles.

Google has suspended Element (@matrix) from the Play Store for "Sexual Content and Profanity". Basically same story as with Subway Tooter a while back. Element is to Matrix as Chrome is to the web. Curiously, Chrome is still on the Play Store.

Great quote from @switchedtolinux

"[...] as we know web browsers are about as good as presidential candidates, there's never a perfectly ideal one, we just have to find the one that sucks the least."

A while ago I think I posted about me trying to make a website and having trouble. Anyway I tried again and I am feeling much better about how it turned out. I finally think I semi understand how html and css work.

A Gentoo poem for all Gentoo-ers across the globe!

Gentoo Chan I must seduce

For Gentoo OS to introduce

Time is of the essence

One must need a little patience

System failure the kernel gave

But this was not yet digging a grave

re: Hi Fediverse!
@admin ah I see, a lot cheaper than here then

Hi Fediverse!

> oh, really? :c I don't think they are too expensive

Yeah.. they are selling for 160 RON brand new and ~140 RON secondhand. Which is quite expensive for me

> I have Danganronpan 2 in Linux (Steam)

Oh nice, may I ask how much was it for you?

> do you speak Spanish? what are you from, Mario is an Hispanic name to me.

My name is of Italian origin, though, I speak Romanian as my native language

> oh my!! you are too young!!! I visited your site:

Hehe, maybe :^)

> you may be good friend with, both are the same age: @Craftplacer

Heya! Nice to meet you as well :)

re: Hi Fediverse!


Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too!

how are you doing

Pretty good, just working on my projects and having fun, you?

I see you like Danganronpa

Yes indeed, however I have only seen videos on it so far as I cannot afford the games :(