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Magician of Paradoxes.
I have no interest on ordinary humans, but if you have got magic or psychic powers, have traveled in time, discovered a conspiracy, came from another planet or dimension please add me.

for as much as you claim to be crazy, sathy, you're more reasonable than 2/3 of the internet
- Nerthos at SPC

sathy is a mystery box~
- Kogomi (Rina-chan) at RaRuRe

@jeff I still a child

@orekix @SJW we have a deal

@orekix @SJW want it?

Futa fridey makes me so horny.

@kumicota @cutebot @thestrongest I don't have it rn, will post it later if you're interested. They only post a random image taken from a plain text file.

@thestrongest @cutebot I wrote my bots as shell scripts, I didn't want to deal with that complexity.

There aren't absolutes, but there are things that are more convenient on determinate moments under determinate circumstances.

@deviant understandable

@Mitsu @orekix yeeeeeeees!

Athena no seinto

Relationship goals

I try to exorcise regularly

@pernia magick is very sexual after all

You can't avoid being horny, but you can transmutate it in spiritual power.