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Magician of Paradoxes.
I have no interest on ordinary humans, but if you have got magic or psychic powers, have traveled in time, discovered a conspiracy, came from another planet or dimension please add me.

sathy is a mystery box~
- Kogomi (Rina-chan) at RaRuRe

@magus Mi nahual, of course. Or the deer or the butterfly.

This exactly

boost this sheep

a mareep pokemon card. it's ability is called "fluffy pillow". it looks fucking precious.

@Xalef you can be wrong sometimes

Bun collared me blobcatblush

@bunni uwu okay I'm yours now

All my posts are under CC-NNFT (Creative Commons No-NFT)

@bunni nooo!

Stop selling my posts!

@why oh welp

@why cool art, shitty nft thing

@why on what?

Just convinced Mitsu to post her feet

@Xalef then why I get these request from the cringe places?

Why the fuck I get follow requests from poast?

@lelouchebag I'm going there, consider you warned