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[Φ] Sathariel/Venus chaos_pink Piercing the Heaven |

Magician of Paradoxes.
I have no interest on ordinary humans, but if you have got magic or psychic powers, have traveled in time, discovered a conspiracy, came from another planet or dimension please add me.

sathy is a mystery box~
- Kogomi (Rina-chan) at RaRuRe

Filters are cool, specially for hide the names of people that you don't want to see

@Xalef dunno, just felt it

@kogomi de mi cerebro tal vez

@kogomi no sé

Something just happened

@mzk it was cirno_cry

For the record, no I don't use hot sauce as lube... just did that once

@lelouchebag fuck you, why you didn't say it before lol

@pyromage don't worry!

@georgia just trade some bones

@pernia @allison @eris so easy to get eternal life? Take that, transhumanists.

@lelouchebag I don't even know who you are

@eris really? Cool!

@Craftplacer nothing new

I still angry