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chaos_pink Sathariel Draconis hakkero |

Magician of Paradoxes.
I have no interest on ordinary humans, but if you have got magic or psychic powers, have traveled in time, discovered a conspiracy, came from another planet or dimension please add me.

sathy is a mystery box~
- Kogomi (Rina-chan) at RaRuRe

@bunni good answer

@yogthos 100 tents

@epsi tomboyish girl with frilly panties cirno_thinking

The F on fediverse stands for frilly panties

Found a cute spider today, she liked to walk on my hand.

@Xalef oh, then belts and guns instead underwear, I see

What's the best kind of underwear?

I'm wearing frilly panties rn

I'm training

@hilda aaaaaa blobcatsnuggle

@kogomi ily cathug

@meeper oh no

Happy Sathyday!

The social network model negatively affects my attention

I'll try to use this less

I needed that short meditation

@yogthos sickness


turn customers into fanatics
products into obsessions
employees into ambassadors
and brands into religions

@chj0 uwu