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light thoughts on my daily life, friendlier mood and serene, in this account I reply faster but i follow less people. I friendly locked this account, but you can tag me and say me, hey Daya, you are not accepting my following request yet. what's up sis?
I'm the admin of, any user instance pls free feel to send a following request.
in @princessgentoo I follow everyone, there is my site and more links and a better bio, you know, the idea of this account is to follow who I already knew!!

Thanks Japan for make this possible!! Cute pink pens are usually for girls and made of plastic and then the elegant pink pens for women are too boring, well, in my own opinion, but this is perfect

I got this tiny pink pen, is gold-platted and imported from Japan, indeed I had to use the reality augmented Google translator app to read the box!
All you see in English is all japanese.
The issue seems it uses an unusual ink refill I have to get imported from Japan using ebay.
The good side it's it's a very elegant pen and pink, i haven't found a pen this elegant and this cute pink. Worths the price!! akko_wink

I bought a mango vodka since there was a discount in Rappi, saved around 50 per cent.

Avoid unusual materials for dildos, I think silicona is good!

@kogomi I currently don't enjoy romantic hetero love in media because reminds me a lot of things.
I still enjoy Yuri because is softer , and in second place yaoi

@kogomi currently i renounced to romantic love. I decided to stop loving like that, but I still love it in media

@fluff @kogomi I will watch that movie because you made me curious about it, i want to watch old movies

@kogomi did you have a love like this?

@kogomi I don't understand what jealousy and possessiveness has to do with romantic love meowtilt


Steph and I sure are pretty monogamous in this moment

And we also don't plan to change that

But that's not because one wants to own the other for themselves alone, but because one can't really imagine loving another person as much as the other too or even imagine how that would work as a relationship

But like

>IF< any of us two would change in that, we'll totally be able to talk about it and all, so that's nothing that would be actually worrying or something
Sure, it IS a terrifying thought to imagine Steph with another person like how he's with me, but it's not like something like that would happen out of the blue or something

Also I think for us both it's a much much more terrifying thought to be with another person ourselves than that the other person would have another person

I mean, sure, I MIIIIIGHT appear a bit possessive akko_giggle but Steph understands how I mean it

We both don't *want* to change how we are right now but if anything SHOULD for whatever reason change, its something we'll be able to talk about

This is exactly how we "defined" this relationship together at the 20th May UwU

Very very comfy meowmelt

@mizuki fine!! What about you?


Ver "[CMKC] Gears Of Love (Acoustic English Cover)" en YouTube

Ver "Gears of Love甇艾踴脯踴踴ver銝剜摮撟" en YouTube

Probably there is not sense for maintaining my girls love pink instance, but I dunno, I'm just sleepy

I like this account too, maybe I'll figure out what kind of content post here.

This account was moved to @mermaid

founding a cemetery in order to impress my future goth gf

@allison i didn't noticed you were an admin from, are you the main admin now?

@bunni oh, that is pretty positive and nice!!!

i'm following you in my instance, I will be moving this accont there, notice that i will continue using princessgentoo @ .
Also I will delete daya @