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light thoughts on my daily life, friendlier mood and serene, in this account I reply faster but i follow less people.

I added a silver charm to my little notebook , it it's a bunny and a clock from Alice in Wonderland, its kind of expensive (silver) considering how little bit is !! But worths it because Alice in wonderland inspires me too much. I need to clean it btw, maybe with sodio bicarbonate because it's not shining as it should. It's ironical that the bunny is not the one clinging since the pocket clock should be the one clinging, but i like so because in wonderland things are inverted and with no sense.

I love you

@sathariel And i also have a fish in my bathtub

I am rewatching Kamisama Hajimemashita (slowly) #KamisamaKiss
It's a lovely anime, I had forgotten , this is my reco for today, it's a must to watch, and I'm loving it more than furuba.
Romance sobrenatural life slice shoujo

I present you my new favorite dish, Mole + Broccoli . Mole is a sweet mexican sauce. I was bored and had this idea of eating broccoli with it, the experience is great! 02smile

Funny, cute I hadn't see the moon man Avi, just a cute moon acat , the las one I remember was a mooni in fire

Hola holita

I have recently uncovered a user who seems to be opening temporary accounts at QOTO, blocking all the moderators so we dont see their posts and then posting high offensive material (nazi imagery, transphobic and hateful derogatory content, etc) and then proceeding to announce to block list moderators and possibly on the list in general in an attempt to get us banned.

The issue of users being able to block moderators and do **exactly** this is something I have brought up to @Gargron before probably over a year ago but he has never acted on fixing this issue and does not see it as needing fixing from what I could gather (he can interject here if he would like).

It is something we as moderators are powerless to detect or act against unless someone actually reports the content first, that is the only way we will even see it. Thankfully none of the block lists have actually acted on this and no damage to QOTO has been done. But seeing as this may continue I want to make others aware of the problem, press Gargron to fix the issue once more, and also encourage **anyone** who sees such content on QOTO to please report it so we can act on it.

I can not personally confirm this but according to the block-list operator they seem to have reason to think it is @snow behind the attacks. This would be in line with the behaviors from snow I have witnessed in the past.

For the attempt by snow to spam and falsely accuse instances see here:

For more information see these attempted block requests on QOTO that were made in this fashion:

@arteteco @Sphinx @khird

(Note: originally posted from @freemo account. Repasted here to show up in QOTO announcements as well)

I know many thing played against him, but remember that he was not a politician, he was not the right person for the position. That is mostly in my own opinion why we wasn't able to continue as president, he made wrong desitions and that is the consecuence . I don't like too much the idea of blaming too much others.


Omg, true!! I just googled it

I think trump was a bad leader, caused division in that country.
Inspired a lot of hate speech

I bought this little notebook for organizing myself, it's so cute, then I had this idea, i will be writing my poems there, actually I wrote a bit about Gentoo, look

I see, something similar had happened to me, when I'm pretty creative, like writing a poem, also in my dreams I'm having ideas and increased comprehension, sometimes the moment before sleeping

Contact with people helps me to avoid such mental disorganization, but welp, but I think that cats will help me, because when I was depressed recently, I was spending all my time with my cat, sleeping with a cat is cute, that really helped me a lot.
Using yoga methods helps too.