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I :aww: love animes like Maria Sama Wa Miteru, Card Captors Sakura, Gakuen Alice, Saint Tail, Higurashi Ni Koro ni, Kanon, Air and Clannad.

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@lain cirno

Which 2hu would you smoke weed with?

How many days Hetzner would wait for payment after the day of payment before stoping the service ?

@a7 thank you

@a7 I'm glad you are still alive

Do you know a vps extremely cheap, it doesn't matter if it's 256 mbs ram.
I currently pay a €1 month that is 256 mbs , there are no more available, I was one of the lucky before they stopped selling this in myvirtualserver

The Google lens feature on animals is like the Dexter in Pokemon. Science fiction made real

@Uwy I think you were hosting your own site

Who is self hosting a web site in your home? How many upload Mbits do you have?

I have optical fiber, for instance now pleroma is loading pretty fast , only using the carriage data it was fast.

Anime doesn't fulfill my need for Yuri and shoujo.
So I installed this app , Manga geek and it's so nice for reading manga!! It's a paradise!!!

@diazepan what is that?

@puniko fine, thank you for asking!!!
I had many changes on my life, how about yours? Everything calm and steady?

Hello everyone, how are you?

She is Rona principia o rabanesta , from Endro anime, principia means princess, even if the boy she dreamed about ended being a girl yuri , she reminded me of how I fall in love and how I love.
I was unable to stop of think of my 2021 ex, he was the one who most touched this side of me, I managed to improve my relationships and stoped being an extremely needed princess.
However, I am still in love pretty relatable with the sleepy beauty waiting for the right person.

@aroma what anime is it?

Made a burrito for dinner. 🌯 🇲🇽 🪅 🌵

It's called poetry because you can try but that doesn't mean you'll become a poet

@wakarimasen ah, you mean plying instead of reading right? Since a visual novel is a game that has to be installed

I started reading Nurse Love Addiction last week, and the protagonist, Asuka, is such a relatable girl. She likes rolling around on carpets. She doesn’t think. Her head is emptier than a watermelon. She likes taking it easy, just floating from one day to the next, without any grandiose goals or ambitions in mind. She’s a self-proclaimed jellyfish girl.