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I :aww: love animes like Maria Sama Wa Miteru, Card Captors Sakura, Gakuen Alice, Saint Tail, Higurashi Ni Koro ni, Kanon, Air and Clannad.

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@acuteanniemay i dunno what to expect about 2022, is it bad to start a year without expectations ?

Acabo de descubrir la existencia de la *nivola* llamada "Princess Tutu".
@eliotreyna me encanta ese anime, es de mis favoritos por no decir él favorito

Acabo de descubrir la existencia de la *nivola* llamada "Princess Tutu".
Acabo de enterarme mediante un hilo de Twitter que Princess Tutu es lo que buscaba hace tiempo: una ficción que homenajeara a lo grande el concepto de "nivola" de Miguel de Unamuno y lo llevase hacia la estratósfera sin que ninguno de los elementos (autor, personajes, entorno) pierda su gracia.

En buena hora que leí "Niebla" de Miguel de Unamuno, aunque sinceramente en cuanto a otras obras de ficción que supiesen aplicar el concepto de "nivola", a duras penas me topé con "Time Paradox Ghostwriter" y "El Gremio de Cazadores: Red Hood" (este último, le salió un poco mejor al anterior por tomarse la molestia de confrontar a TODOS los personajes en el contexto).

How many vaccines do you got and which ones, I got two Pfizer vaccines and past month I got one Astrazeneca.

@chjara how many vacinnes do you have currently?


Bello! How was your 2021! I wish you have a better 2022 !! I love you!!!

@eliotreyna i see, im so sorry :c

@r_libre just emotionally, physically it was like a strong flu and i believe i already recovered.

Hello, how are you friends? im very busy with work, working all the day, since i broke up with my ex boyfriend my life improved a lot.
I broke up with my ex definitively when i got covid , the days i had covid I started seeing the life simpler. And I started to perceive myself as a simple person.
Then almost immediately started to date a guy from work , its womanizer but I'm learning more about life.
Its like if I was reborned , I think I changed a lot thanks really was able to love my ex, to be able to think in someone who is not myself.

Sometines I beliebe in DRM, when its very cheap, but if I consider something is overpriced I approve piracy

Where to find copyrighted ebooks for free?
I know there are some in the pirate bay

Scientists Have Identified The Driving Force Behind Your Darkest Impulses
This will help to predict people who is a potential criminal.

Scientists Have Identified The Driving Force Behind Your Darkest Impulses

@welt what do you mean for sheltering?

@qwerty merry christmas

@Jain cutie

@mguy3790 if you are so confident of being a man, then you are proud of your manliness, if that is the case that is good

@wowaname so kawaii your current profile pic

@lain is it yours?