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this is my alt account.
My main is here:

Human, student,plants and mushroom destroyer, goth, Gentoo User

Pronouns: he but i dont really care

I will only post and boost SFW stuff

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@admin atleast for me this is an alt account with more gentoo/tinkering content. the covenant seems to be a good implementation of unified rules but i think it is always possible to try its own thing. i guess just "patching" the covenant would be rather hard.

@daniel_bohrer Andersrum aber auch wahr!

@daniel_bohrer hihi die haben mir im maerz gekündigt weil das abo modell das ich hatte ausläuft^^

fried a board and made a case^^

u gain and u lose...

nearly finished my aluminium case^^ bought some very thing wood i might use at the outside for looks

@admin hihi ty, i always try to prokrastinate in a productive way

far to busy with other stuff lately.... but prepared some changes in my workflow to be more effective^^

@resynth1943 uhhh i might already have a feature request^^ might it be possible to optimize the ui for small devices? My postmarket os pinephone became my daily smartphone but things like a good matrix client are still missing.

added final layer on the carbon case. need to polish and sanderpaper it though. i decided to to the rest of the case out aluminium because of the heat transmission. not sure though how to make alu "feel" nice

the carbon fiber case turned out nice i guess. accidently broke 1 corner but fixed it with resin and i need to add one final layer at the outside for looks

I dream with a Gentootopia, a world where everyone uses gentoo


A Gentoo poem for all Gentoo-ers across the globe!

Gentoo Chan I must seduce

For Gentoo OS to introduce

Time is of the essence

One must need a little patience

System failure the kernel gave

But this was not yet digging a grave

im not used to make my own dtbs and im not sure how i would start trying to get it work but i dont wanna get the board start throwing lightning again at me

it seems impossible to make the edp work on the rockpro64.... guess i will never manage to get rid of the edp<>hdmi adapter board....

did my first experiments with carbon fiber sheets and epoxy. worked kind of gread. got a plan what to do next but need more ressources first. and btw is carbon expensive.... made some progress for the keyboard and changed a lot of design thingies. my non-pinephone-phone died so no pics.

catched a cold but slowly feeling better... my gaming pc i also use to model stuff has random crashes. mostly in the first 30 min after restart. if it surives that it is good to go. no bad ram sectors. everything except the gpu is old and the motherboard was changed last year but afaik i used a used thingy. found a very cheap and refurbished 1250w psu mb that will work. the psu should be around 9 years old or so.i suspect something needs to get hot before working correctly. confusingly PSUs are more effectivly at a lower temperature but who knows... new one comes with good effiency so maybe i can safe some power (=worth it in germany with high electricity price).

the cluster projects is going on slowly. edp port ( is still not working but the adapter is doing fine. supply for carbon fiber frame is ordered but takes some time.
actually i could try to fix the uboot of the nodes and do pxe boot. but i dont trust my 5 port ethernet switch and somehow this is a task i am avoiding for months now...

today i wanna print the last layers of the keyboard. will have to sandpaper them first.

i tried to print keycaps but they do not fit. models by other people are even worse but they tend to use resin printers. not sure if i have access to one. mb i buy the keycaps or a resin printing service ;)

prepared some stuff for a frame. it will be a mix of plexi glas and diy carbon fiber