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Welcome to the Witch's labyrinth, I will be your guide. :uwu_qt:

"Hold on a sec, I'm doing it"

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@diazepan en tu país quienes faltan de vacunarse?

@diazepan yo estoy viendo como están, precisamente me pasaba por tu perfil, acabas de postear después de días verdad? Llegué en buen momento

fourth iteration of gears for my 3d printer

@Said y que fue?


These are my admins @absturztaube @admin
There are many like them but these are mine.
My admins are my best friends. They are my life. I must master them as I must master my life.

Without me, my admins are useless. Without my admins, I am useless. I must pat my admin true. I must post straighter than my enemy who is trying to block me. I must block him before he blocks me. I will ...

I only have 1 friend irl that gets the rms copypasta jokes so it's really nice to meet a bunch of people that also enjoy them on a platform that respects my freedom

@Craftplacer @sathariel there is not mistake, I'm an admin and I like cute things and people, like you 02smile

honestly i am glad about the amount of laptops i have and give away. if someone doesnt need a thinkpad i am always glad to foster it til i find i new home

Hello pleroma admins , how do you prevent bot accounts to register on instance?

This instance runs on Gentoo as you know, and this server has been running for 1 year with 99.90% uptime.
Bravo bravisimo. catClap

I just updated the instance!

[News] Our plans for PeerTube v4!
By the end of the year, new features focused mainly on experience customization so you can display and discover the videos to your liking.
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New Article: self-hosting

Wherein I give tips/opinions about #selfhosting, mostly why pre-made things I've seen so far and SBCs sucks.

this month is the aniversary of this Gentoo server (not the pleroma instance yet) and the domain!!! I just full updated my Gentoo server, Gentoo is a very capable distro for server, you see.

Updating Gentoo is a serious thing.