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Welcome to the Witch's labyrinth, I will be your guide. :uwu_qt:
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I mean, script

Hey honeys, I solved the certs issues, I hope using a cert in crontab will solve all the issues forever!!!

@agustinh88 Que bonita

@agustinh88 Tratas de que use software libre verdad? Pero solo lo usa contigo?

@khm Depending on the complexity of your work, going from simple to studio:
EKO - simple sound editor
KWave - easy to use sound editor (very similar to Audacity)
Frinike, LMMS - both more features
Ardour - full studio class workstation.
I've used EKO, KWave and Ardour, so can recommend all 3!
There are others of course. Happy hunting.
I'll be going with KWave for the time being.

sorry for the issues, the cert issues are now solved1

@Horizon_Innovations hello, I closed it due to spam!!! are you interested in the registration?

60G for the database partition , this is new.

Sorry for the instance interruption my darlings

"Hold on a sec, I'm doing it"

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@diazepan en tu país quienes faltan de vacunarse?

@diazepan yo estoy viendo como están, precisamente me pasaba por tu perfil, acabas de postear después de días verdad? Llegué en buen momento

fourth iteration of gears for my 3d printer

@Said y que fue?


These are my admins @absturztaube @admin
There are many like them but these are mine.
My admins are my best friends. They are my life. I must master them as I must master my life.

Without me, my admins are useless. Without my admins, I am useless. I must pat my admin true. I must post straighter than my enemy who is trying to block me. I must block him before he blocks me. I will ...

I only have 1 friend irl that gets the rms copypasta jokes so it's really nice to meet a bunch of people that also enjoy them on a platform that respects my freedom