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I hate that snakes are used as symbol for fascists and similar. They're cool animals that don't deserve that. We need to reclaim sneks.

@sathariel folks have been musing about reclaiming the Gadsen flag, but not seen much use in that way.

@katnjiapus @sathariel it’s because of the “dont tread on me” thingy that they’re used by fascists right?

@luci @sathariel Aye, but a snake has been a symbol for the fascism since WWII afaik.

@luci @sathariel @katnjiapus A lot of libertarians like the Gadsden “don’t tread on me” flag. I’m not sure who else uses it.

@luci @sathariel @katnjiapus I thoughz "don't tread on me" was libertarian?

@dhfir @luci @katnjiapus I think it's used with the confederate symbolism too

@sathariel snakes are Goddess animals, associated with life, rebirth etc in ancient cultures (prob why Judeo/Christians have to make them the ... I guess I haven't noticed what symbols fascists are

@sathariel >snakes are used as symbol for fascists

any examples?

@ehhh @sathariel i'm resisting the urge to post the gadsden flag as a bad joke
please help

@CathodeRayGun @sathariel that's libertarianism

i hope this guy is not braindead to think libertarian = fascism

@ehhh @sathariel hence "bad joke"

@sathariel We use eagles, usually imperial eagles.

@NotImportant @sathariel My thoughts exactly...

Eagles eat snakes too
Eagle vs Snake

@sathariel Snakes are generally a symbol of power, virility and danger in lots of cultures, from burmese, to meso-american, to Christianity. I don't think they have much at all to do with fascism, and I say that as a fascist.