Gentoo Live

BTW I haven't blocked anyone. Stop spreading lies.

@sathariel who's telling lies?

@Craftplacer cowards subposting me

@sathariel people who can't see blocks shouldn't assume shit

@Craftplacer they now I'm in an instance that use blocks, but that doesn't mean that I blocked anyone personally. I feel better with these blocks tho tbh

@Craftplacer also I don't understand what's the problem with blocking someone anyways. They get obsessed with that.

@sathariel The best way to deal with this social mess called "Fediverse" is to block or mute people and go on with your life.

There are way too many idiots on this platform and I the end it's just better to crystalize your own federation by blocking everyone that comes.

@Craftplacer that's respectable, don't waste your energy and your attention in things that aren't worth of it.

@sathariel depends on the context really.

some people treat it as if you shot their loved one or you unfairly blocked them

@Craftplacer I don't mind if someone blocks me, unless it's someone I love... However that explains a lot, it's impossible to not love me uwu