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Realizing I haven't seen sathy in a while

@nerthos turned into an idiot

@Mitsu @sathariel Thanks, I'm not on regularly enough to keep up with the account changes

@Moon Aww, he used to be really cool. What happened?

@nerthos I dunno one day called a bunch of people fascist and blocked

@Moon @nerthos what happened is a bunch of poastfags brigaded <her> and in the push back <she> went full anti-fascist in response. It's a shame since we used to be close but I feel I'm too much of a chud to rekindle that now.

@lelouchebag @nerthos I thought it happpened before poast but I could be wrong

@lelouchebag @nerthos someone with that weak of mental constitution shouldn't mess with magick

@Moon @nerthos Nope, I was lelouche at this point so it took a bit to have <her> remember who I actually am. I wanna say march?

@lelouchebag @nerthos Alrighty, I'll take your word for it.

@Moon @nerthos I found the schizo parts endearing but it'd make sense as to why getting attacked for a week would shift views in such a way. Most schizos are one bad interaction away from radicalism

@lelouchebag @Moon @nerthos
its the year of the chud
take life by the balls

@Moon @lelouchebag @nerthos why you don't tell me that directly? This is coward tbh

@Moon @nerthos who the fuck I blocked?

@lelouchebag @Moon @nerthos it wasn't that, I wanted to piss them off that time and it worked. Then I followed someone I love to her instance. Honestly I'm tired of this as a whole, it gets very repetitive in general. But I won't deny it, fascists should kill themselves.

@sathariel @lelouchebag @Moon Now that's classic Sathy hok