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@kogomi I don't understand what jealousy and possessiveness has to do with romantic love meowtilt


Steph and I sure are pretty monogamous in this moment

And we also don't plan to change that

But that's not because one wants to own the other for themselves alone, but because one can't really imagine loving another person as much as the other too or even imagine how that would work as a relationship

But like

>IF< any of us two would change in that, we'll totally be able to talk about it and all, so that's nothing that would be actually worrying or something
Sure, it IS a terrifying thought to imagine Steph with another person like how he's with me, but it's not like something like that would happen out of the blue or something

Also I think for us both it's a much much more terrifying thought to be with another person ourselves than that the other person would have another person

I mean, sure, I MIIIIIGHT appear a bit possessive akko_giggle but Steph understands how I mean it

We both don't *want* to change how we are right now but if anything SHOULD for whatever reason change, its something we'll be able to talk about

This is exactly how we "defined" this relationship together at the 20th May UwU

Very very comfy meowmelt

@kogomi > as pictured in classic media

*puts a beige trenchcoat on, gets a dramatic hair style but messes with it afterwards so it looks emotionally agitated, and then runs out into the rain* caaaaat, caaaaaaaaaaaat blobcatsadreach

(reference to "Breakfast at Tiffany's")

@kogomi did you have a love like this?

@fluff @kogomi I will watch that movie because you made me curious about it, i want to watch old movies

@kogomi currently i renounced to romantic love. I decided to stop loving like that, but I still love it in media

@principessa @kogomi inb4 audrey hepburn marathon blobcat3c

I BET you'll fall in love with it!
My 3 favourite Audrey Hepburn movies are

3. Roman Holiday
2. Breakfast at Tiffany's
1. Funny Face (Funny Face is about fashiooon modeliing fotographyyy in paariiiis and and love between the model who didn't intended to become a model and the photographerrrr and lots of drama and glamour and aaaaaa meowmelt )

The most *iconic* one is definitely Breakfast at Tiffany's, but Funny Face is the one where Audrey Hepburn is the most herself in kinda

@kogomi jealousy, possessiveness and expectations? that’s not love, that’s taking advantage of each other

@kogomi I currently don't enjoy romantic hetero love in media because reminds me a lot of things.
I still enjoy Yuri because is softer , and in second place yaoi

@principessa @kogomi the writer of Breakfast at Tiffany's originally had Marilyn Monroe in mind.

Similiar to how Givenchy mistakenly thought for the movie "Sabrina" Audrey Hepburn also starred in, that Katharine Hepburn would play the role and not Audrey

But like

In both cases Audrey won over all of their hearts and EVERYONE fell in love with her

It resulted in Givenchy working closely with Audrey Hepburn from "Sabrina" on and "Breakfast at Tiffany's" becoming this incredible classic masterpiece aww

@kogomi @fluff classic "romance movies" is a fuck biproduct of 1950s america