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I should be depressed, you know, the true is that i won't be able to love again in the same way. Because I can't love well, I'm am wondering if I truly love the people as Indviduals, maybe I only fall in love with the idea of loving.

Fortunately I don't need a partner to understand my feelings, I want to try charity work.
Am I able to love others if If I am loving the love itself?

@principessa I had a similar issue
I found out my love is friend/family love, and it's the same one for everyone
But instead of making me feel like I can't love anyone, it makes me feel like I can love all my friends even more bunHeart

@bunni oh, that is pretty positive and nice!!!

@principessa indeed! I feel like I understand myself more, and what you see in manga with someone confessing to a stranger is very weird. Like, that's not love