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@sathariel normals hate learning new things

@sathariel Sometimes they even appreciate it.


this is OT but maybe important for you

Apart from the Jews and the Christians, the Muslims also hate the Pagans {Mushrikun in Arabic) from the core of their hearts,

as they, according to the Qur’an, are unclean (see the Qur’an; 9:28), and, thus, unworthy of living on Allah’s earth.

Therefore, the Muslims must kill them whenever they get the chance to fulfill the instruction Allah gave them through the Qur’an (see verse 9:5).

This is a very dangerous instruction,

and it is not at all good for those inhabitants of the earth, who worship deities other than Him.

-- source: Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Mohammad Asghar, an ex-Muslim who came out of Islam after discovering its true teachings.

@EMPEROR that's the problem when anything becomes dogmatic, intolerant and based on prejudices. Old aeon religions tend to that, even when they could also have some good insights hidden in their teachings, really hidden from the plain believers.