Gentoo Live

Hi, Fediverse! It's nice to be here.

OMG.BLOG is an independent Queer entertainment site, founded in 2003, but you might know us from our feed.

On December 20, we started posting here instead of IG to protest Facebook's regressive terms of service and we have encouraged our followers to do the same.

We're happy to connect with other and folks, and we're eager to promote and content from talented creators. Tag us for a boost!

@omgblog yes content specifically tailored to people attracted to a certain group of people

Shit like this makes me hate the community an awful lot.

@webb why don't you check out what we're posting before passing judgment! We're here for everyone's entertainment 🎀

@omgblog I see celebrity shit, nude posts, some cringy overly sexualised artsy crap that doesn't need attention, and that's it. Kind of a shame you're using this kind of crap to represent my community. This is just tabloid crap.

Also the JavaScript on your page makes me want to do a backflip into quicksand

Drinking game: take a shot every time I say crap